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    Early in 1984, Shanghai signed on friendly terms on scientific and educational cooperation with Rhône-Alpes. Since 1998, the Sino-France senior management courses had been jointly launched in Shanghai with the alliance of four top senior business schools in France, headed up in University Pierre Mendes France. Master level degrees were granted to these students in France, whose excellent achievements made French postgraduate education and potential for Sino-France cooperation highly and vastly recognized. In terms of the request of former graduates, University Pierre Mendes France determined to develop the Sino-France Ph.D. program in management science to absorb the most excellent Ph.D. candidates under the aegis of French National Foundation for Management Education in 2004. Since then, it has enrolled 2 intakes. And now UPMF decided to enrol the third intake.

    The European Ph.D. Degree is the highest academic degree in higher education structure conferred by international universities. According to the cultivation mode of European doctorate, the Ph.D. program is divided into two phases. The first phase of doctoral preparatory courses last for one year to learn advanced management theory and qualitative & quantitative method. In Phase II, normally 2-3 years, candidates will have to conduct in-depth empirical research on practical managerial problems faced by them, and carry out doctoral dissertations based on it.

    Research Master Degree will be conferred at the end of Phase I on the condition that all the concerned examinations and the dissertation proposals are passed. And Ph.D. Degree in Management will be awarded by UPMF to those who succeed in dissertation evaluation & defense in Phase II.

    For those who have strong intention, they can also choose to leave for France to study in UPMF during the dissertation writing phase. Graduates who meet the French residence requirements will be able to receive the due treatment as overseas students.

About UPMF

    University Pierre Mendes France, founded in 1339, is one of the oldest universities among the leading European Universities in Social Sciences in France, whose doctoral school enjoys the reputation of cradle of managerial doctoral talents in Europe. With more than 600 years history, Pierre Mendes France marks the politics and history of France. The University is situated in an exceptional environment, alongside the other universities (Joseph Fourier, Stendhal, INPG), that form the body "Grenoble Universities".

    Over the years, UPMF has nurtured a great number of world-class celebrities, such as the great mathematicians "Joseph Fourier", the famous writer "Stendhal", the celebrated musician "Beriloz", the discoverer of Egyptian pyramids "Champollion", the illustrious political economists "Pierre Mendes" and two physicists who shared the Nobel Prize.

    UPMF welcomes over 19,000 students each year: 10,000 in undergraduate level, 7,000 in graduate level, 2,000 in doctorate studies and 2,259 overseas students. In order to prepare the students to enter the corporate world, the university opens the body of its formations on international exchanges, reinforces its partnership with the economic and social environment, and attaches itself to improve the quality of its teachings and researches.

    UPMF enjoys a high prestige in the world, whose doctoral school of management science is one of the most widely known and esteemed doctoral schools in France. CERAG, Centre Étude et de Recherehes Appliqueés à la Gesteon, in charge of the academic research and education in the doctoral school, is the one and only laboratory in management science, established outside Paris by CNRS, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. There are many France-influential, even world-influential scholars in the fields of supply chains, marketing, finance, strategy and information management, etc who possess abundant experiences in both instructing Chinese doctoral graduate and international exchanges.

About Grenoble

    Grenoble, the largest urban area in the French Alps, lying between French city of Lyon, Swiss city of Geneva and Italian city of Turin, boasts a unique mountain setting, and through the centuries has made its mark as a pioneering city open to the world.

    Grenoble, the capital of the French Isere department, has the city-symbol of three-roses on golden background, which symbolizes the three mainstays of Grenoble: industry, education and tourism. Called as the silicon valley of France, Grenoble enjoys the reputation of the most leading research center in France outside Paris area, with the biggest laboratories of the Atomic Energy, Information Network and Computer Science.

    In France, Grenoble keeps on top in the field of higher education, just next to Paris. There are currently more than 50,000 college students and over 10,000 professors and researchers in Grenoble. And about 5000 foreign students from more than 100 countries and regions come to study here. Its hospitable environment and rich cultural ambience have made it the first and best choice for study.

    For years, Grenoble has been noted for its long and excellent tradition of international cooperation in academy and scientific research. A number of World Academic Conferences are held here annually. It has dedicated itself to international educational cooperation with Shanghai since 1984. Great attention has been paid to the work and efforts by both French and Chinese authorities at various levels. Supports have been given by Rhône-Alpes Committee of Science, Technology and High Education, French National Foundation for Management Education(FNEGE), as well as the relevant sectors at all levels in Shanghai.

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